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Reminder prior to beginning this training week: If you have not watched through our concept, strategy, and "Lexicon" videos on the WBTV section of the site, please do so!

Some of the things mentioned and described are important components of each and every progress-minded training week we ever participate in. Thank you! Additionally, no matter the pace at which we are improving, there are most certainly things that are not doing so as quickly as others;

Identify them, assess them, improve them- And ask for our help! Please and thank you. Lastly: We observe more clearly each week that skill work- deliberate, detail-oriented, quality-over-volume skill work- is the most significant difference between those that do well, and those that truly do their very best; Ongoing progress is only limited by our willingness to keep hunting it. ________________________ THIS WEEK: Accumulate 10 minutes in an excellent hollow hold + 250 hollow rock, partitioned and performed whenever and however you'd like! Well-timed or poorly-timed, good strategy or bad, valuable information will be present for those that are looking... People also chose to practice L-sit as an addition to the directive above. That is an excellent choice. ALSO THIS WEEK: Please review and improve our "Floor-to-feet". It was engineered and implemented as a complement/ supplement/ accessory to burpee, and functions very well as one, provided the "top" position does not look or feel like a yoga position. Drive hard to flat feet, aggressively and accurately establish a deadlift-worthy hinge (fact check with hands quickly on shins if desired/ needed), and re-attack the floor.

________________________ (Specialty warm-up: 5 heavy kettlebell Good Morning, 5 suitcase deadlift) Deadlift: 1 x 5 @ 50% of 2RM, 5/1000 @ top 1 x 5 @ 75% of 2RM 5 x 3 @ (up to) 90% of 2RM (each rep stood up, stopped, and not dropped) 3 x 5 @ 65% of 2RM, each with a full 3/1000 in top position If a set requires interruption, make as minor a weight adjustment as possible prior to the next. When scheme is listed as “3 x 5″, it always refers to “Sets” x “Reps”. Reminder: Position and organized execution always govern weight, and “locked out” always includes a rigid stop of motion. Additionally, with safety considered, if we cannot control the bar on the way down, it is too heavy. Today: Perform 5 kettlebell Goblet squat @ 1/2 BW + 5 inchworm immediately following each set of deadlift, and rest as needed after the three movements are complete.

Then, 7 rounds of: 3 Kettlebell suitcase deadlift @ scheme-appropriate weight :30 sec. Farmer hold @ top of 3rd deadlift (for many, hold will govern weight) :30 sec. rest/ assessment Each round is to be as heavy as possible; In simple drills such as this, we must walk the line between safety and self-destruction in order to see truest progress. And then, as quickly as possible: 100 yd. “Prison” walking lunge 100 Push-up *Today, partition/ intersperse work as desired (in no less than 10-rep sets).* If rest is needed, keep it short and specific (3 breaths or less/ :15 sec.). “Prison” variation features both hands on back of the head, and elbows pointed to the sides. If that position loses integrity, rest briefly, find it, and continue. With the interspersing option on the table today, no elbows-forward are accepted. "Make the lunge into a sit-up". Push-up: If mechanics or range of motion fail, scale accordingly to ensure both progress and safety; Leave the ego out of the equation- excellent, scaled push-ups are far better than crappy, broken “unscaled” ones.

And finally, “Time under tension”: 15 cat/ cow stretch + 15 calories Airdyne @ cool down pace + Accurate and relevant mobility (based on recent group-wide evidence, likely either overhead positioning or quad... or, both) Attentive, simple, movement-based cool-down; Fix what you broke. If a mobility piece or position has been helping, continue down the path. If it still presents more-than-minor discomfort, there is still work to do.


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