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Movement Improvement

-Zoom Sessions-

In our brand of training, we believe that being an athlete/ participant is a necessary precursor to being a quality instructor. Although there are expert instructors in many fields that either cannot or do not 'Do', that is not what we 'do'- and certainly not what Heather, Matt, or Greg (your senior Wolf Brigade trainers) have done!

We believe that in the fields of generalist fitness, strength & conditioning, and martial arts, the best instructors, trainers, and coaches are those that have an intimate physical and psychological relationship with all the material they are teaching. Anything short of that, we feel, does not best serve the athlete/ trainee/ client.

There has to be background and substance behind the method, explanation, and execution; Immersion, repetition, exhaustion, and comprehension- Then instruction.

Our Zoom sessions, and our Subversive Fitness platform, are no exception! Heather, Matt, and Greg will offer their hard-earned experience and expertise to improve your movement, sharpen your application, and ensure that both transfer seamlessly to all else you do.

If improvement is a priority for you- at any level, and on any body- please use the contact forms below to schedule a Zoom session!


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Heather McAllister

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Matt LaRochelle

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