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(Specialty warm-up: 5 burpee, 5 "Floor to feet", 5 broad jump)

10 rounds of:

2 Tire flip

5 Push-up

2 breath reset (max :10 sec.)

Tire flip: Mind position and execution, and move with power. Use assistance as needed, and stay aggressive- there is absolutely no value to a casual tire flip. Attach, adjust, brace, and drive; The steps don’t have to take long, but they need to occur.

Push-up: If mechanics or range of motion fail, scale accordingly to ensure both progress and safety; Leave the ego out of the equation- excellent, scaled push-ups are far better than crappy, broken “unscaled” ones.

If performing with a partner/ multiple people on one tire: Perform 2 tire flip + 5 push-up, and hold a plank until your next turn on the tire. Goal is short, specific rest of less than :10 sec. per round.

Then, 10 rounds of:

2 Burpee

5 "Floor to feet" (Bottom of burpee to hinge position and immediately back to floor)

2 "Depth charge"

2 breath reset (max :10 sec.)

Move with power and intent. Lazy, soft burpees are worse than not bothering to do them at all. If pace becomes casual, progress will be minimal.

Both "Floor to feet" and "Depth charge" were born of our appreciation for what a properly performed burpee elicits and creates, but also in the awareness that they are seldom performed to high standards. Both of these complement/ supplement movements are just as challenging if addressed as such, but offer much less room for wiggling and interpretation. Short story: Don't try to trick the process, because any sound and well-vetted process will always be one step ahead.

Depth charge: With hands locked together (fingers interlaced and stretched apart) and braced in either true "Prison" position, or overlapped and pressed hard at mid-chest, perform 10 double-under-minus-the-rope jumps (high, hard, hollow body, tight guts, minimal-if-any heel-to-ground) + 1 burpee on the descent of the 10th, and then, either rest or repeat as directed. 10 jumps + 1 burpee = 1 rep.

And then, 5 minutes of:

2 V-up

5 "Prison" Abmat sit-up

If V-up becomes a wiggly, flailing mess, adjust to a full 10/1000 hollow hold in each round.

“Prison” sit-up: Interlock fingers and keep both hands behind the head. Reps count when shoulders and elbows touch the ground simultaneously.

If less than 7 rounds are completed: Immediately perform 50 V-up and 50 Abmat sit-up

And finally, "Time under tension":

5 x 10 Mace front pendulum @ heavy enough to be useful

50 Walking lunge + 

5 x 10 low, hard hollow rock (maximum :20 sec. between) +

2 minute hollow hold +

15 cat/ cow stretch

Lunge is unweighted but braced, tall, and tight, and performed at a cool-down pace.

Hold: Work to “True” failure (loss of physical positioning) not “Relative” failure (loss of mental endurance). If time in hold reaches two minutes, you may stop if desired. If time is under two minutes, do it again, and accumulate at least two total minutes.


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