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(Specialty warm-up: 5L, 5R kettlebell snatch, 10 medicine ball throw, 50 mountain climber) In order, attentively, and aggressively: 2 Sled pull (20 yd. each @ (up to) 185lb. W, 225lb. M) 2 Sled drag (20 yd. each @ (up to) 185lb. W, 225lb. M) 5 x 10 Kettlebell "Short swing" @ (up to) previous 5RM 5 x 10 Medicine ball throw/ "Tall slam ball" @ 16lb. W, 20lb. M "Drag" = forward, "Pull" = backward. Rest up to :20 sec. between each set of sled and swing, and up to :10 sec. between sets of heavier medicine ball throw/ "Tall slam ball". If rest is not needed, you have made a strategic error; Work with intent-to-injure, make ambitious weight choices, and apply full force to each and every movement. “Short swing” simply denotes a heavy, short-range kettlebell swing with the intent of safely driving as much weight as structurally possible to just below chin height. Today, use weight designated above. Kettlebell swing reminder: Power and position govern weight- If we lose our strong hinge, back rounds, or legs fail to snap straight in the “drive” portion of the movement, adjust accordingly and continue safely. Additionally, arms are kept "short" by broadening chest, not by bending the arms. Don't intentionally bend your arms. Please and thank you. Then, in order:

50 Kettlebell snatch @ (up to) 44lb. W, 53lb. M (5 x 5L, 5R) 50 Push-up 5 x :20 sec. Tripod headstand hold/ Tall pike position hold Rest briefly as needed in no less than 10-rep intervals. Lock out each rep of both movements for at least a full 1/1000; Do not guess, do not move soft, and do not accept substandard position under the false spell of feeling more tired than you actually are. Push-up reminder: Scale accordingly to ensure both progress and safety; Leave the ego out of the equation- excellent, scaled push-ups are far better than crappy, broken “unscaled” ones; Touch at the bottom, snap at the top, and flat at all points in-between.  Headstand: Rest up to :20 sec. between each :20 sec. work set. Remember: :20 seconds is :20 seconds- fresh, tired, or otherwise. And then, "Time under tension": 25 "Prison" Abmat sit-up + 5 rounds of: 1/2 rocking chair (to floor) + 10 hollow rock + back to standing = 1 round + 15 "Prison" Abmat + 15 calories Airdyne @ cool-down pace Keep weight anchored at the solar plexus or above in each and every rep of Abmat sit-up. Shoulders touch at the bottom of each rep, butt stays on the ground, posture is upright at the top. Pace is not a substitute for position, even in simple movements.

"Prison": Variation features both hands on back of the head, and elbows pointed to the sides throughout. If that position loses integrity, rest briefly, and either find it or adjust it.


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