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(Specialty warm-up: 3L, 3R kettlebell row, 3L, 3R kettlebell clean, 3 double kettlebell swing clean, 5 "Floor to feet") 10 rounds of the following kettlebell complex: 1L Kettlebell row 1L Kettlebell clean 1L Kettlebell front squat 1R Kettlebell row 1R Kettlebell clean 1R Kettlebell front squat (Up to) :15 sec. rest/ assessment (pay attention, and adjust to what it tells you... ) 1 + 1 + 1 = 1 rep. Each rep is performed with the same heavy kettlebell. Weakest lift in the complex governs weight- Adjust up or down by round as position and proficiency dictate. Stay organized and powerful: Set up and move like you mean it; One lazy round can impact all that remain. As with last week's carry/ swing drill: If you want to row more, clean more. If you want to clean more, row more. If the squat is "easy", then improve the other two. Note: Outside of vicious, broad-chested bracing and full engagement of the weight, set-up position in row and clean should look and feel nothing alike; This is intentional, and is as valuable in learning as it is in building; Don't sell it short. Goal is fluid, seamless, aggressive transition from movement to movement; Address similarities, and identify differences. Take rest of no more than :15 sec. between sets. Then, 5 rounds of: 1 minute double kettlebell rack hold @ (minimum) 2 x 35lb. W, 2 x 53lb. M :30 sec. tripod headstand/ steep Pike position (position governs variation) 5 Push-up (Scaled to full ability) 5 Chin-up (or 5/1000 underhand bodyweight row, as needed) 100 Jumprope Pay attention to the pick-ups and put-downs, and scale bodyweight movements to full ability in each round; Sandbagging is for those that hold more reverence for the notion of a "win" than the performance of the work. There is no "winning" in good training; Adoption of that concept in practice will all but ensure excellence in non-training execution. Transition seamlessly, and breathe attentively; One will most certainly lead to the other. If headstand simply does not work (not, we don't like it... ), adjust to the tallest possible pike position hold; Head/ ears should be even with arms, as in a barbell press lock-out. And then, with a partner and as quickly as possible: 50 Medicine ball throw + "Floor to feet" @ 12lb. W, 16lb. M Both partners are moving at all times; "Floor to feet" is performed with/ on the medicine ball, it is thrown immediately, and another is performed without it. If attachment to the ball creates instability or diminishes safety, perform on the floor and get back to the ball like you mean it! Hustle, adapt, throw the ball "at" not "to" your partner; Challenge their composure, and improve your condition. No wiggling, no wandering; Hard, straight lines- in the level changes and the throws! If no partner is available, this becomes 20 rounds of 'Throw it and go get it!': Same 'Floor to feet' with medicine ball, thrown as far as possible at the top, retrieved as quickly as possible, and repeated. And finall