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Specialty warm-up: 50 quality mountain climber, 15 straight jump) 25 Pull-up 25 Chin-up 25 Bodyweight row (overhand, barbell) 25 Bodyweight row (underhand, barbell) 25 Push-up Scale to full ability, and demand- at minimum- full range of motion. If you're good at pull-up/ chin-up, improve by... making yourself better. Intersperse pulling variation as desired (Ex. 2 pull-up, 2 chin-up, :10 sec. rest). Bodyweight row and push-up sets are to be in order and uninterrupted. Smaller sets are always preferable to substandard reps; Range is range, position is position, mechanics are mechanics. Fresh, tired, drunk, possessed by Satan, covered in bees... If the scale slides every time we wear the wrong socks, it will slide... every time we wear the wrong socks. Then, on a 5-minute descending clock: Complete as many sled pull/ sled drag trips as possible @ BW

Switch from drag to pull, adjust grip or position of anchor, and keep moving. Hustle in direction-change transitions, and cover as much distance as possible.

Strategize, apply, and then reflect; Don't allow perception of fatigue to prematurely lessen output. (You're not as tired as you think you are... ) 

And then, “Time under tension”: Farmer hold @ (minimum) BW (1/2 BW in each hand) + 5 x 10-calorie Airdyne/ similar sprint, with :20 sec. between them (stay on the bike, keep the pedals moving @ 20/ 30% of max RPM... ) 50 sit-up of your choice (our list, your preference... pick what you need, not what you like) 15 calorie Airdyne cool-down

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