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Warm-up: Daily, attentively, progressively (All movements should improve in both feel and appearance; Soon, what may have felt like “tired” will barely feel like “warm”).

5 Partial pull-up (Overhand) 5 Partial chin-up (Underhand) 2 Mixed-grip pull-up (L-over) 2 Mixed-grip pull-up (R-over) 5 Inchworm 5L + 5R reverse lunge 5L + 5R Elevator sit-up (Or, hip-up if needed) 5L + 5R unweighted, arm forward (not up) Turkish Get-up 5 Straight jump 5 Deadlift + full-effort 10/1000 hold @ top of each (not to exceed 135lbs.)

Warm-up sets are expected to be positionally vigilant, uninterrupted, and honest. No short-counts, no partial ranges, no wiggling, no wandering; If you want to fight better, you have to address the details that those you’ll be fighting, won’t be.

Cool-down: “Rode hard and put away wet” is a phrase that alcoholics use as an excuse to escape their actions before the reality of them sinks in. It is not applicable to hard-minded, progress-driven athletes... Even weird ones. A good cool-down is all parts safety net, system diagnostics, and gut check.

50 Mace front pendulum 50 walking lunge/ standard lunge/ full-range lunge/ diagonal lunge (Change variation by day) 20 Hindu push-up 20 sit-out

Immediately upon completion of every training day: Hold a one-minute, full-effort hollow body position. If you do this properly, you will need to break. If you do this properly, soon, you will need to break less. This is “power source construction”, composure recovery, and confidence building. Don’t skip it.

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