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Warm-up (daily, attentively, progressively):

10 Anchored squat/ hinge

5L, 5R Mace shovel (warm-up weight- stop 2/1000 @ top of each)

10 Tipped-forward mace squat (warm-up weight- angled only enough to demand full tension)

5 Airplane push-up

5L, 5R Mace press (warm-up weight/ hand position- stop 2/1000 @ top of each)

5L, 5R Mace lunge (weight overhead in perfect shovel position- switch 5L, 5R)

5 Push-up

20 Mace front pendulum

5 Inchworm

1 minute extended-arm mace hold

Warm-up sets are expected to be positionally vigilant, uninterrupted, and honest. No short-counts, no partial ranges, no wiggling, no wandering; If you want to improve your mace practice, general physicality, and/ or weightlifting, the Devil is in the details.

The lighter of the two weights should always be used for warm-up, especially during the first months of training.

“Time under tension”/ Cool-down (not a suggestion):

A good cool-down is all parts safety net, system diagnostics, and gut check.

Do not under-value it, and it will reward you.

50 Mace front pendulum

50 walking lunge/ standard lunge/ full-range lunge/ diagonal lunge

(Change variation by day)

20 Hindu push-up

Immediately upon completion of every training day:

Hold a one-minute, full-effort hollow body position. If you do this properly, you will need to break. If you do this properly, soon, you will need to break less. This is “power source construction”, composure recovery, and confidence building. Don’t skip it.

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