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Public Assistance project: Progress strategy.

Over-variety is an enemy of genuine advancement;

Eliciting ongoing progress does not require gigantic change, it simply requires sharper strategy.

Month two will be the same as month one, and month three will be the same as month two.

Month four, will be the same as month one, also… But, none of the months- if addressed critically and aspirationally- will ever be “the same”. ______________________________

Heavier, harder, smarter, faster, more; Until all boxes have been checked, erased, and checked again…. There is, never, not more.

It doesn’t need a cheering section, a fancy name, or a new set of clothes to prove its worth. It just needs to be addressed- firmly and consistently. Attentively, and aggressively.

“It”; The work, that is. _______________________________

Lined behind the Public Assistance project are nine years of simple-but-detailed, sensible-but-brutal training days… As desired, apply the new pieces of the puzzle you’ve found, refined, and applied over the past month to our long-existing framework that has evoked progress in all manner of… everyone… that has cared to apply it.

Ask questions. Don’t stop when you want to, and fight not to stop even at first feeling of “have to”.

Always differentiate “Training” from “Exercise”. Regard and embrace physicality as a culture, not a hobby.

If this project teaches anything to anyone, we hope it to be that “Nothing is nothing”, and when your tools are your mind, hands, eyes… Nowhere is, nowhere.

It is the brush, not the canvas, that commands the unease of “simplicity”.


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