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Public Assistance project: #022


10 Anchored squat/ hinge transition 10 Halo + extension 10 Squat (with implement) 50 Jumping jacks (touch hips/ legs at bottom, touch hands over head at top) 5 Push-up 5 Straight jump :30 sec. unweighted hinge hold

Warm-up should leave us warm, not tired; Scale accordingly, especially if just beginning training or adjusting to this style training for the first time. Range of motion, details of each movement, and bracing are all to be practiced and applied in warm-up just as they are in the training day; Attention in one leads directly to improvement in the other.

Movements linked to demonstrations in our Movement Library; Watch and refresh- Don’t guess.


15 Bent-over row (Left) 15 Bent-over row (Right) 10 Halo + 5/1000 extension 10 Bent-over row (Left) 10 Bent-over row (Right) 10 Halo + 2/1000 extension 5 Bent-over row (Left) 5 Bent-over row (Right) 10 Halo + 2/1000 extension

Brief rest as needed to ensure quality and ability to maintain hold duration and position. Do not rush, do not move lazy, do not short holds. Note the duration difference in halo + extension as the drill unfolds.

DO: Adhere to details, and make progress.

Bent-over row happens from a hard, organized hinge position (deadlift, kettlebell swing, mace shovel, Good Morning, Pendlay row…).

*Each rep also features a hard, stopped 3/1000 @ top (w/ hand at chest)*. If the hold is “easy” with the implement at-hand, lengthen it until it isn’t.

Then, 10 rounds of:

10 1-arm swing (Left) 10 1-arm swing (Right) :10 sec. rest 10 Lunge (with implement- direction and carry position are your choice) :10 sec. rest

Move with detail and power, and make ambitions, progress-minded choices in the lunge direction and carry position. Scale drill to full ability.

And then:

10 x :20 sec. full-effort hollow hold

Building a bulletproof “power source” will improve all elements of your physicality- and simple, hard, non-gimmick sit-ups and holds are a sure-fire way to do so. Do not make this easy- make it the opposite; It’s the insulation for your hardest efforts.

Each day will end with varied durations of hollow hold, and the cool-down is a minimum of 25 cat/ cow stretch and 100 yd. brisk walk/ exercise bike ride/ etc.


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