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2 rounds of:

Mace shovel + 20 yd. walk @ top + 20 yd. lunge back (mace locked out overhead) - left side

Mace shovel + 20 yd. walk @ top + 20 yd. lunge back (mace locked out overhead) - right side

:20 sec. rest/ assessment (assess both true weight and “relative weight”/ hand width)

Arms are 100% straight in both walk and lunge; Both arms are “pressing” to the ceiling at all times! Hands are medium-to-narrow.

Then, 10 minutes of:

5L Mace “Short shovel”

5L Mace curl + press

5R Mace “Short shovel”

5R Mace curl + press

:20 sec. rest

If available, weights are recommended to change between movements; Shovel- heavier, curl + press- lighter.

“Short shovel” begins and ends in standard shovel starting position, and features powerful hip timing and drive to launch back hand “out of pocket”, and aggressive, attentive arms. Mace is expected to “controlled float” to eye level, and then return by retracing our steps to the floor. Adjust both hands and weight to draw value from this short-range, high-torque movement. This is, in our experience, a useful and primarily skill-building kettlebell swing complement.

Curl + press: Back of the hand begins and ends every rep next to (not in front of) the thigh. Hunt for a true top position, with a hard, straight bottom arm, and then press overhead to a mace shovel top position. Adjust and angle bottom hand as desired to elicit varied (and valuable) response.

And then, aggressively and attentively:

50 Mace dynamic curl

50 “Prison” Abmat sit-up

Dynamic curl- different from the static variation- meets back of hand ON the thigh/ hip, not off to the side, and a leg-hip-arm-last order-of-operations “throws” the curl and initiates side-to-side flip of the mace; Practice before applying this, and consult our YouTube channel if any questions remain.

“Prison” Abmat sit-up: Keep hands behind the head and elbows to the side in each and every rep of Abmat sit-up. Shoulders touch at the bottom of each rep, butt stays on the ground, posture is upright at the top. Pace is not a substitute for position, even in simple movements. Faster is not better, when it comes to building strength.

Short rest as needed during sets (3-5 breaths/ :15-:20 sec.). If performed to anywhere near full ability, both of these sets should pose a significant challenge.

If position breaks beyond immediate repair in either movement, adjust to 30 + 30 and then 20 + 20, to total 50 of each movement.

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