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Lexicon/ Directive/ Protocol

- Static stretching/ mobility is to be performed after; Movement-based warm-up is to be performed before. Take a rubber band right out of the freezer and give it a good tug, and you’ll know exactly why that is.

- Warming up specifically and attentively, and cooling down appropriately, are neither guesses nor suggestions. Those that are better, do both, better.

- “3 x 5” is always “Sets” x “Reps”

- Hold durations, ranges of motion, start/ end position, rest designation, and rep schemes are not suggestions. Scale, rest, adjust, adapt… never short-count, and safety considered, never quit.

- Quality composition over quicker completion, always. One leads to the other, but the other never leads back.

- “Up to”: A simple phrase added to many of our weightlifting directives that allows work to stay safe, progressive, and self-scaled if the highest-end designated percentage becomes compromised or unsustainable. Never a demotion, provided we work just as hard once the adjustment has made.

- “Directly into” = Immediate and aggressive transition from one to the next. Duh.

- Immediately: Without hesitation, internal pontification, or rumination.

- Aggressively: Like you’re moving towards something dangerous to help another person, or away from something that is dangerous to you.