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Lexicon/ Directive/ Protocol

- Static stretching/ mobility is to be performed after; Movement-based warm-up is to be performed before. Take a rubber band right out of the freezer and give it a good tug, and you’ll know exactly why that is.

- Warming up specifically and attentively, and cooling down appropriately, are neither guesses nor suggestions. Those that are better, do both, better.

- “3 x 5” is always “Sets” x “Reps”

- Hold durations, ranges of motion, start/ end position, rest designation, and rep schemes are not suggestions. Scale, rest, adjust, adapt… never short-count, and safety considered, never quit.

- Quality composition over quicker completion, always. One leads to the other, but the other never leads back.

- “Up to”: A simple phrase added to many of our weightlifting directives that allows work to stay safe, progressive, and self-scaled if the highest-end designated percentage becomes compromised or unsustainable. Never a demotion, provided we work just as hard once the adjustment has made.

- “Directly into” = Immediate and aggressive transition from one to the next. Duh.

- Immediately: Without hesitation, internal pontification, or rumination.

- Aggressively: Like you’re moving towards something dangerous to help another person, or away from something that is dangerous to you.

- :20 seconds is :20 seconds- fresh, tired, or otherwise. 5/1000 is, always, 5/1000.

- Mace program: N = Narrow, M = Medium, W = Wide, and refers to distance between top and bottom hand in certain lifts. Bottom hand always lives at the very end of the mace.

- “Scaled to ability” is not a statement that should elicit a sense of relief; Quite the opposite. It should prompt attention and effort that walks the border of safety and self-destruction. Anything less will not lead to progress.

- When position and mechanics are sound, implement should be interchangeable. If we have every single thing we need, great. If we don’t, we almost certainly have something that can get us where we need to go if we direct it properly.

- In the context of this program/ system/ conversation: If “simple” ever equals “easy”, you addressed it improperly.

- Too heavy is too heavy, and too light is too light, but working “too hard” is not a real thing.

- Asking is better than guessing, bracing is always better than moving soft, and unshakable composure before, during, and after the training is the characteristic that will transfer the most directly to the world outside your training.

- When attempting to transfer physical and mental capacity from realm-to-realm (and especially between equally taxing ones), details beget details. Sloppy, inattentive, or passive strength, conditioning, and positioning will not send, or deliver, the most thorough message.

Meanwhile, systematically and consistently “lighting the corners” will create, insulate, and improve tools and traits you never even knew you needed, or had…

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