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(Specialty warm-up: 20 mace front pendulum, 2L, 2R kettlebell halo + 5/1000 extension, 10 box jump)

Mace 360:

10, 10, 10, 10- 10- 10

Weight increases when denoted by commas, and then remains the same for a strong 3 x 10 (denoted by dashes). Begin at a moderate, challenging weight and end as heavy as possible; Each set should be difficult, violent, and positionally sound.

Be sure to move 5L, and 5R within the sets of 10; It may be 2's + 1, 3 + 2... but both directions are required. Switch top-to-bottom hand as desired, and please encourage your people (and yourselves... ) to prioritize proficiency in each hand position and direction.

Then, 5 rounds of:

15 Bodyweight row

30 Mace front pendulum