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(Specialty warm-up: 5 Double kettlebell swing clean, Airplane push-up review/ positioning) Farmer hold: 5 x 1 minute @ (up to) BW (50% BW in each hand) Double kettlebell rack hold: 5 x 1 minute @ as heavy as possible, moving down one interval every set (1 minute @ each weight- performing this accurately, requires a bit of strategy)

Make ambitious choices, and work with intent and focus to keep weight off the ground for one full minute. Rest briefly between sets (up to :20 sec.), and pay close attention to safety and efficiency in the pick-ups and put-downs. Missed lifts and sloppy landings will suck valuable energy from the work sets.

Rack hold: Prioritize higher, harder hands, and likely less weight... for now. This will pay off, and for many of you, already is.

It is a Saturday (end of a training week); Strategize accordingly. No more than 2 drops per 1-minute round, and likely less.

Then, 7 rounds of:

3 Kettlebell deadlift @ (minimum) BW

5 3/1000 Bodyweight row

3 Airplane push-up (add plyometric as appropriate) 1 Pull-up/ L-pull-up (scaled to full ability- make one, enough)

:30 sec. rest

Position and range of motion govern variation in all movements, and weight in the kettlebell deadlift; *Do not allow combination with bodyweight movements to detract from attention to each rep of the weighted movement*; Speed is never a substitute for form, and bracing and tension are never suggestions.

3/1000 row: In this variation, we hold for a full 3/1000 count in the top position- whether it be chest-to-bar, chest-through-rings/ rope, our goal is keeping the chest even with the hands for the full count on all reps.

And then, "Time under tension":

One-minute full- effort hollow hold/ rock (do not accept position break)

Followed by 5 attentive, accurate, cool-down rounds of:

5 V-up

5 Abmat sit-up

10 Cat/ cow stretch

10 calorie Airdyne/ equivalent @ cool-down pace

Sit-up and simple, medium-paced movement are both accessories to finish the week, and thorough, active cool-down; Mind position, stay engaged, and draw value.


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