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Reminder prior to beginning this training week:If you have not watched through our concept, strategy, and "Lexicon" videos on the WBTV section of the site, please do so! Some of the things mentioned and described are important components of each and every progress-minded training week we ever participate in. Thank you!


81:01 (Specialty warm-up: 10 bench press @ 1/2 BW + 2/1000 @ top, 5 kettlebell high pull @ 1/2 BW (retrace steps to the ground), 10 calories Airdyne/ equivalent) Bench press: 1 x 5 @ 50% of 2RM, 3/1000 @ top of each 1 x 5 @ 65% 3 x 5 @ (up to) 80% 3 x 7 @ (up to) 65% Rest as needed between sets. If a set requires interruption, make as minor a weight adjustment as possible prior to the next. When scheme is listed as “3 x 5″, it always refers to “Sets” x “Reps”. Reminder:Position and organized execution always govern weight, and “locked out” always includes a rigid stop of motion. Today: Perform 10 mace 360 (totaling 5L, 5R) or 6 kettlebell halo (no extension), and 2 plyometric push-up (pop at the top) immediately following sets of bench press, and then rest. Then, 7 rounds of:

3 Kettlebell high pull

3L, 3R Kettlebell bent-over row

3 Pull-up

5 Push-up

:30 sec. rest/ assessment