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(Specialty warm-up: 5L, 5R kettlebell floor press, 5 push-up + 5/1000 hold @ bottom (hovering), 5 straight jump like you mean it) 7 full-effort, positionally accurate rounds of: 3L, 3R Kettlebell floor press 1 Pull-up... kind of. Kettlebell floor press is scaled to ability, and may climb in first two rounds to clearly identify the top-end by the third. Today, pull-up is full-effort, and each rep should take as long as you can absolutely make it. Hold as long as possible at the very top, and even when fatigue hits, still demand a slow and controlled descent and full-effort hold at the bottom. If the pull-up is the easy side of this coin, a mistake has been made; Weight it, L-sit-it, "negative" it... just don't "gimme" it. Then, 3 rounds of: 30 Hand-to-hand kettlebell swing 10 Kettlebell Figure-8 OR, if needed, 20 Kettlebell around-the-body pass (10L, 10R) 10 "Floor to feet" + Broad jump (1 + 1 = 1) :30 sec. rest/ assessment This is a challenging drill- positionally and otherwise. Please remember in hand-switching, that the switch- unless known why and done differently for a reason- happens once we "own" the weight: In the moment of clarity- not in the ascent or descent! Timing of the simple switches goes a long way towards excelling and advancing in the more technical timing lifts (clean/ swing clean, snatch... ). If the Figure-8 does not resemble a decent hinge, and possess the near-fluidity of a lateral kettlebell swing, please adjust to the around-the-body pass; Certainly not an easier path, at double the scheme and no less grip challenge. "Floor-to-feet" + broad jump: This is a minor language change from "Burpee broad jump", and an overdue one. This should remove any questions in combining these movements, and should also eliminate any standing up (due to not adapting a burpee to include a broad jump), outside of the in-jump extension. Please let us know what you think/ find! Thank you.

And then, "Time under tension":

10 x :15 sec. Switch-grip bar hang (switch top-to-bottom hand each round) +

5 x :10 sec. hollow rock + rocking chair stand up (descend in control, as would be needed to complete quality rocking chairs) + 15 calorie Airdyne/ equivalent cool-down


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