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Reminder prior to beginning this training week: If you have not watched through our concept, strategy, and "Lexicon" videos on the WBTV section of the site, please do so!

Some of the things mentioned and described are important components of each and every progress-minded training week we ever participate in. Thank you! Additionally, no matter the pace at which we are improving, there are most certainly things that are not doing so as quickly as others;

Identify them, assess them, improve them- And ask for our help! Please and thank you.

_______ (Specialty warm-up: 5 heaviest single kettlebell deadlift + 3/1000 @ top, 5L, 5R kettlebell row, 5L, 5R Kettlebell swing @ 1/4 BW)


1 x 10 @ 50% of 2RM, 5/1000 @ top of each 5 x 5 @ (up to) 75%, 5/1000 @ top of each 10 x 1 @ 50%, 10/1000 @ top of each Rest as needed between sets. If sets require interruption, make as minor an adjustment as needed and complete the next uninterrupted. When scheme is listed as “1 x 10″, it always refers to “Sets” x “Reps”. Reminder: Position and execution- and today, likely the holds- govern weight..

Another reminder: Each lift is completed when the stand-up is straight and strong, the bar is stopped and controlled at the top, and then- safety considered- returned with power and control to the floor. A partial stand-up with a bar-drop is... not even a half-rep. Then, 5 rounds of: 5 Pendlay row @ scheme-appropriate, challenging (up to 70% of 2RM) OR 3L, 3R Kettlebell row 5 Chin-up (Scaled to ability in each round) OR 5 3/1000 underhand bodyweight row 5 breaths rest/ assessment (approx. :20 sec.)

Make ambitious choices, demand excellent position. If sets of row require interruption, or designated weight breaks position, adjust accordingly and continue safely. Advanced chin-up suggestions include: Weighted, L-chin-up, chest-to-bar, negative. No kip. And then, 5 rounds of: 15 1-arm kettlebell swing (Left) 10 360 sit-up OR 15 V-up 15 1-arm kettlebell swing (Right) :30 sec. Bar hang/ bottom of push-up (hovering)/ Tripod headstand Kettlebell swing weight is scaled to ability, but suggested at 1/4 BW. Adjust by round as needed. Kettlebell swing reminder: Power and position govern weight- If we lose our strong hinge, back rounds, or legs fail to snap straight in the “drive” portion of the movement, adjust accordingly and continue safely. Do not bend arms; Instead, visualize and apply bracing and broadening your upper back. Alternate hold variation by round as desired; Choose what you need, not what you like! And finally, "Time under tension": Cool down holding, and/ or moving; Assess- Address- Improve the positions and patterns we use the most

Reflect on the day, apply what you need; Minimum 5 minutes moving, minimum 10 minutes cooling down.


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