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(Specialty warm-up: 5L, 5R kettlebell swing clean, 5 "Floor to feet", 5 burpee, 10 calories Airdyne- hard and fast)

10 rounds of:

2L, 2R Stacked-hand kettlebell swing clean

:20 sec. hold (“Ass over teakettle” Goblet position)

:20 sec. rest/ assessment

Weight today is self-scaled and should pose a challenge in each set- adjust as needed. If the movement description doesn’t immediately and clearly make sense, please ask, and/ or reference the several videos we have presented featuring each.

Additionally- safety considered, the transition out of the hold should be powerful, technical, and seamless. "Shove" the weight UP, and plan to re-grab the handle at chin level- where you are accustomed to manipulating the weight. Do not allow it to droop, and attempt to catch it between your legs; It is gross looking, and risky. If you lose it, don't chase it. The weight isn't going to hurt the floor... Please and thank you.


45 Rocking chair @ 25/ 35lb. W, 35/ 45lb. M

35 Squat @ same

250 Jumprope

Squat + bumper plate: Aggressive posture, thorough, challenging range of motion, and crisp pace all play equal parts in the value of this drill; Move quickly, move correctly. The weight in both starts and stays at chest level- Holding it there, hard, is equal in difficulty and value.

Brace and drive at the bottom, and stop at the top. The transitional details don't have to take long, but they have to happen.

And then, 5 minutes of:

"Burpees from the bottom" ...from your back

”Burpees from the bottom” simply begin and end with your chest on the floor. The additional fold today involves beginning and ending each rep on your back.

Today, trainer will call out a specific number of reps and intersperse varied durations of rest between them, and athletes will remain with chest on the ground ready to go until directed (very similar to our sprint start).

In a group, completing the designated number quickly will lead to a few extra breaths of rest between sets. If any set needs to be skipped due to fatigue, perform 20 additional burpees when the drill is over.

If training independently, please vary breaths taken on the floor to set pace; For example- one round, take 3 breaths, the following round, take one. Never more than 5.

And finally, "Time under tension":

5 "Hover" push-up (1 descent, 10 "Hover", back to the top = 1) +

L- hang/ knees-up hang +

25 cat/ cow stretch

Hover push-up: This is strength building, diagnostic, and time under tension; Even if you cannot yet complete 5 push-up on the ground, please use kettlebells or parallettes to perform "Hover" push-up. Do them one at a time if needed.

How: Once at the lowest-bottom of the push-up using one of the anchors mentioned above, and with organized arms, shift side-to-side with control (and as much as possible without rising)until your chest touches your left hand, and then your right. When the designated number of "hover" is complete, brace again, and finish the push-up. You will very likely be surprised at how open and accessible your shoulders and back feel. Once comfortable with the protocol, adjusting the parallettes or kettlebells to any "tick on the dial" (much like the mace presses), is challenging and valuable; You'll quickly locate the areas that need the most work.

Use any grip you choose in hang, and switch between them as needed. Remember: Hanging in a half-bicep curl is going to make you feel a lot heavier than you are. Use global structure, not regional strength, to support a challenging position for an extended duration. Accumulate at least two minutes, and take as few breaks as possible.


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