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(Specialty warm-up: 10 dowel partial pull-over, 20 mace front pendulum, 5L, 5R mace shovel) 10 rounds of: 2L, 2R Mace 360 2L, 2R Mace overhead press :20 sec. rest/ assessment Each set of mace 360 and press are as heavy as possible- adjust as needed if position breaks or reps become singles. If mace 360 is not yet in your toolbox, is not yet heavy enough to be useful at designated rep scheme, or suitable weight mace/ hammer is not available, perform kettlebell halo (no extension) in same scheme.

Then, 5 rounds of: 10 Mace 360 10 Extended-arm mace walking lunge (horizontal or vertical) 10 Box jump (with mace- horizontal) 100 Jumprope

Weight is scaled to ability, and should pose a significant challenge in each set; Goal is completion of each round with the same single weight. Transition seamlessly, and move aggressively. Jump: Be sure to practice jumping with an implement prior to beginning the drill. Ordinarily, we re-set a jump by swinging our arms- not being able to do so (due to holding a mace) can require some adjustment. There is purpose and value, and also increased demand and difficulty; This will likely be lower, may require stepping down, and will certainly require proper bracing and order-of-operations on the way up! And then, "Time under tension": 15 Kettlebell Good Morning @ self-scaled (3 x 5) + 50 1-arm kettlebell swing @ 25lb. W, 35lb. M (cool-down weight) + 2 rounds of: 1/2 rocking chair (to floor) + 25 hollow rock + back to standing = 1 round 5 x :15 sec. bar hang Kettlebell swing: Switch arms in 5-rep sets; If designated weight is not a cool-down weight, adjust accordingly.

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