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(Specialty warm-up: 10 dowel pull-over into back rack + 3/ 1000 hold, 1L, 1R 2-count Turkish Get-up, 5 rocking chair)

50 Double kettlebell front squat:

Today, sets are partitioned based on chosen weight. Recommended is 1/2 BW +.

Assess honestly, and then choose either: 35 + 15 (lightest), 25 + 25 (moderate), or 5 x 10(heaviest). Rest up to 1 minute between sets, and adjust weight immediately if position breaks.

Safety considered, please stay with the chosen scheme, and even if changed, be sure to complete all reps. Once scheme is chosen, if weight needs to change, add a hard 3/1000 hold at the top of each remaining rep.

Then, 5 rounds of:

2L, 2R Turkish Get-up @ (up to) 60% of 1RM

10 Rocking chair @ (up to) 35lb. W, 45lb. M (use whatever you move best)

(Up to) 1 minute rest/ assessment (weight/ variation)

Add a 2/1000 pause to any transition point that you are struggling with in Turkish Get-up. Position governs weight in both movements- be critical of the details, and adjust as needed if they do not comply. The 60% top-end weight is not a suggestion; If it feels too light for your level of sheer and utter brutality, pause longer and hold harder.

And then, 5 rounds of:

5 “Floor-to-feet” (Bottom of burpee to hinge position and back to floor)

10 Hollow rock

Move efficiently, and transition expertly between movements. No designated rest- only break is a brief re-set if needed to maintain quality in hollow rock.

And finally, "Time under tension":

5 x 10 Mace front pendulum @ heavy

25 Sumo squat @ 25lb. W, 35lb. M (bumper plate) +

15 calorie Airdyne/ equivalent cool-down +

15 cat/ cow stretch

Sumo should be improving; Assess/ reassess foot placement/ angle/ width, and depth- just past parallel, but not as low as a "standard" squat!


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