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(Specialty warm-up: 3L, 3R kettlebell push press, 3L, 3R kettlebell snatch, 10 weighted walking lunge) Kettlebell push press: 5 x 2L, 2R @ as heavy as possible in each set, and each rep with a full 2/1000 locked out overhead Rest as needed between sets. If range of motion fails, or set requires interruption, make as minor an adjustment as needed and complete the next set safely. When scheme is listed as “5 x 2L, 2R″, it always refers to “Sets” x “Reps”. Reminder:Sound position always governs weight, and “locked out” is not a relative position. Today: Perform 10 mace 360, at accessory weight, immediately following each set of push press, and then rest. Then, 5 rounds of: 5L, 5R Kettlebell snatch @ (up to) 75% of push press weight from above 10 Walking lunge @ same weight, begins at end of 10th snatch with kettlebell in front rack (switch 5R, 5L) 100 Jumprope 10 "Floor-to-feet" :20 sec. rest/ assessment If chosen/ designated weight breaks position, adjust immediately and continue safely. Be sure to balance left-to-right rack position in lunge! All lunges are to be tall and tight, and feature all the weight attachment cues used in kettlebell front squat. And then, 5 rounds of: 5L, 5R 360 sit-up 10 Push-up No designated rest here; If needed, keep it short and specific(3 breaths or less/ :15 sec.). 360 sit-up: If this simply does not work (not- you do not like it... ), please adjust to 20 V-up each round, and if those go out the window, 30 hollow rock in each round. Push-up: If mechanics or range of motion fail, scale accordingly to ensure both progress and safety; Leave the ego out of the equation- excellent, scaled push-ups are far better than crappy, broken “unscaled” ones. If prop is likely to be needed, have easy access to it. Additionally, if push-up is old news, scale up accordingly; First choice, pace-wise, is plyometric. Move and transition with dexterity; Sit-up, turn over, push-up, and turn back. It should all look like one cohesive piece, as opposed to three smaller ones. Thank you. And finally, "Time under tension":

5L, 5R Mace "Short shovel" @ heavy enough to be useful +

5 x 10 Mace front pendulum +

25 "Prison" Abmat sit-up (10/1000- slow on the way down, slow on the way up) +

15 Dowel or banded partial pull-over +

15 cat/ cow stretch

Abmat sit-up is geared towards active cool-down as well as "sit-up". Mind position and mechanics, and draw value. Intersperse cool-down movements in 5- rep intervals if desired, keeping varied totals in mind.


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