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(Specialty warm-up: 5L, 5R Stacked- hand kettlebell swing clean, 1L, 1R Elevator sit-up) 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 of: Kettlebell stacked-hand swing clean + front squat (1 + 1 = 1): Elevator sit-up @ scaled to ability- both implement and weight (Up to) 1 minute rest Kettlebell lift: Detailed, deliberate, powerful movement- Each rep, at any weight. Too light, or positionally questionable, this drill moves from asset to liability.

Take the rest you earn; One full minute denotes scaled-to-full-ability work in each set; Weight strategy may change (up or down) throughout to ensure thorough work.

Lastly- Stop at the top, re-brace, squat, stop again, descend. The transitional details don't have to take long, but they have to happen; Truly heavy lifting does not permit a flow state.

In “stacking” the hands, place and lock the fingers over the middle knuckles, not the big ones. This allows the wrist to stay straight and strong, and make a “seal” around the handle! Don’t cross your thumbs! Elevator: Use whatever implement allows for the most weight in the safest positions. Safety considered, weight should match on each side/ each direction.  Suggestions: Sandbag/ heavy bag, kettlebell, bumper plate, slam ball, dumbbell.

Additionally: If Elevator places unreasonable/ unsafe demands on any participant once positional inconsistencies have been addressed, adjust to weighted hip-up, or rocking chair if needed.

Both movements: Alternate L- to - R as desired, but be even in each round.

Then, 10 minutes or 10 rounds, whichever comes first: 50 Jumprope :20 sec. Airdyne/ equivalent @ 100% (or 5 calories) 2 Rocking chair (Light-weighted or unweighted; Using weight should not increase time in transition- Plan accordingly.) Hustle in the transitions, limit rest, and manage breathing. If 10 rounds are not completed, count and note completed rounds and partials as reference for next time.