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(Specialty warm-up: 5L, 5R mace shovel, 10 kettlebell halo + 2/1000 extension)

Mace shovel:

5 x 2L, 2R @ as heavy as possible, 10/1000 @ top of each

Always, but especially in a "strength" scheme: Set-up, align, brace, and then move. Hips throw the hand, and remember that narrower, is also heavier! Hold duration may govern weight, and width- and is intended to. This is as much a sit-up as it is a hinge position lift.

Mace 360:

5 x 10L, 10R @ start heavy, end medium/ light

Assess recent efforts, begin ambitious and challenging, adjust down one/ two intervals as needed. Position governs weight; Ensure we're balancing top-to-bottom hand as well as direction.

Then, 1 Tabata interval (:20 sec. work/ :10 sec. rest x 8) of:

Mace front pendulum

Switch top-to-bottom hand by round, and attempt to match output throughout; Effort, should not need to be mentioned. Weight is self-scaled, and strategic.

And then, 10 minutes of:

50 Jumprope

20 revolutions Airdyne/ equivalent

Revolutions count on one side; Hustle in transitions, and stay moving! This is the definition of "simple, not easy". Note completed rounds.

And finally, "Time under tension":

10 Kettlebell Good Morning @ sensible, challenging, uninterrupted

10 Mace Good Morning @ heavy enough to be useful

50 1-arm or H-2-H kettlebell swing

50 Hollow rock

15 cat cow stretch

Each hinge in all three loaded movements should look exactly the same! Hollow rock:Prioritize lower, straighter, harder legs, even if it means breaking up into more sets.


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