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(Specialty warm-up: 10 weighted lunge, 50 quality mountain climber) 25 Pull-up 25 Chin-up 25 Bodyweight row (overhand, barbell) 25 Bodyweight row (underhand, barbell) 25 Push-up Scale to full ability, and demand- at minimum- full range of motion. If you're good at pull-up/ chin-up, improve by... making yourself better. Intersperse pulling variation as desired (Ex. 2 pull-up, 2 chin-up, :10 sec. rest). Bodyweight row and push-up sets are to be in order and uninterrupted. Then, on a 5-minute descending clock: Complete as many 20 yd. sled pull/ sled drag trips as possible @ BW

Switch from drag to pull, adjust grip or position of anchor, and keep moving. Hustle in direction-change transitions, and cover as much distance as possible.

Strategize, apply, and then reflect; Don't allow perception of fatigue to prematurely lessen output. (You're not as tired as you think you are... )

Today: In order to expedite sled trips, *anyone with over one year training experience may perform these two drills in either order*. Often that does not make great sense, but today, I believe there is value to both/ either. And then, “Time under tension”: Farmer hold @ (minimum) BW (1/2 BW in each hand) + 5 x 10-calorie Airdyne/ equivalent sprint, with :20 sec. between them (stay on the bike, keep the pedals moving... ) 50 sit-up of your choice (our list, your preference... pick what you need, not what you like) 15 calorie Airdyne/ equivalent cool-down


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