(Specialty warm-up: 10 kettlebell Figure-8, 20 mace front pendulum) 5 rounds of:

20 Kettlebell Figure-8 @ as heavy as possible in each round

10 Kettlebell halo - extension @ challenging and uninterrupted in each round (today- 10 extensions from ONE halo)

If kettlebell Figure-8 is not yet in your toolbox, or is too light or clunky to be useful, adjust to challenging 1-arm kettlebell swing; Kettlebell Figure-8 is best viewed and strategized as a lateral or rotational kettlebell swing; If the hinge position does not transfer seamlessly to it, adjust, or... adjust. Additionally- please practice the kettlebell "Around-the-body-pass" to gain comfort and proficiency with the weight traveling around you, and transitioning hands while doing so.

Please note today’s adjustment to kettlebell halo - extension. Set up each lift like it’s heavy, and lock out with authority; No lazy lifts, no soft finishes, no "push press". Statue from the ribs-down.

Reminder: Wrists are straight, exactly as they are in a kettlebell press! Wrist straight- NOT, angle of the weight- denotes sound lock-out/ finish position. Forcing the wrist straight is part of the challenge, and the value.

Then, 5 rounds of:

5L, 5R Mace shovel 5L, 5R Mace 360 10 Mace squat (performed with same weight as 360, and beginning at end of 10th swing) :30 sec. rest/ assessment

Each set of each movement should be as heavy as possible/ available. Position is earned with practice, and "as heavy as possible" designations are earned with position.

No guesswork, no bro-reps, no lazy lifts.

Mechanical, standardized execution and ranges of motion; Each good rep should look the same. Squat standards do not change with a mace in-hand, or with fatigue in play.

And then, “Time under tension”: 25 Kettlebell Good Morning @ self-scaled and challenging (10 + 10 + 5) + 50 1-arm or hand-to-hand kettlebell swing @ 35lb. W, 55lb. M (10 x 5L, 5R) Kettlebell swing: If designated weight is not a cool-down weight, adjust accordingly.


Once due diligence is performed, please reach out with any remaining questions, and/ or if you're looking for something you haven't found! Thank you.


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