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(Specialty warm-up: 10 dowel partial pull-over into back rack, 5L, 5R kettlebell back squat, 3L, 3R kettlebell back squat @ heavier)

Back squat:

1 x 5 @ 50% of 2RM, each with 5/1000 @ top 1 x 5 @ (up to) 75% 3 x 3 @ (up to) 90% 3 x 5 @ (up to) 75% Kettlebell back squat (single): 1 x 15L, 15R @ (recommended/ up to) 1/2 BW Goblet squat: 1 x 15 @ (recommended/ up to) 1/2 BW If barbell sets require interruption, make as minor an adjustment as needed and complete the next uninterrupted. When scheme is listed as “3 x 5″, it always refers to “Sets” x “Reps”. Break kettlebell sets into no less than 5 reps, and work hard to stay at designated weights. Reminder: Position and range of motion always govern weight, regardless of implement. Then:

30 Kettlebell snatch (3 x 5L, 5R, or 5 x 3L, 3R) @ (up to) 1/2 BW 30 Dip 30 Straight jump @ 10lb. W, 15lb. M (Down-up-down-up = 1 rep. See video as needed) 30 Airplane push-up 30 Hollow rock @ 15lb. W. 25lb. M Kettlebell snatch: Weight is self-scaled, and should pose a challenge at designated rep scheme. Adjust in 6- or 10-rep intervals as needed.

Push-up: If mechanics or range of motion fail, scale accordingly to ensure both progress and safety; Leave the ego out of the equation- excellent, scaled push-ups are far better than crappy, broken “unscaled” ones. Airplane push-up simply begins and ends with chest/ hips on the ground (or chest resting on whatever scaled surface is needed- bench, couch, rack, wall… ) and hands off the ground; Maintain tension, set position, and move with intent. Add a plyometric element to the push-up as skill level dictates.

When rest is needed, keep it short and specific (3 breaths or less/ :15 sec).

And then, 5 minutes of: 3 Burpee 50 Jumprope Accumulate as much work as possible accompanied by as little rest as possible. Attend to breathing during jumprope, transition quickly between movements, and do not stop. Safety considered, there is value to making yourself move in simple conditioning drills. And finally, “Time under tension”: 15 Airplane push-up + 30 calories Airdyne @ cool-down pace + 30 cat/ cow stretch


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