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(Specialty warm-up: 10 walking lunge @ 1/4 BW, 20 aggressive, heavy mace front pendulum) 50 Walking lunge @ 1/2 BW Provided position is safe and sound, weight is non-negotiable. Break into as small of pieces as needed to complete with quality. No weight in the back rack. Farmer, front rack, Goblet. No barbell. Then: 5 x 1L, 1R 5-count Turkish Get-up @ (up to) 40% of 1RM Each rep should take nearly one full minute; pause for a hard, organized 5/1000 in each transition. This will be light, valuable, and challenging. Our 5-count Turkish Get-up helps us break the movement down into specific pieces by requiring a 5/1000 count at each transition point (there are 9). If we are skipping steps, making a technical error, or trying to hurry through a portion of the movement we are weak at, the 5/1000 will catch it and force an adjustment. And then, "Odd Lifts" skill work:

Mace lifts and swings, and sledgehammer

Start with the foundational movements in each category, and perform with intent until they cooperate. There are more details than you are currently applying; Find them.

"Odd Lifts": Lateral/ rotational/ valuably unconventional. Repeatable. Transferable. Sustainable. No guessing, no circus tricks.

Sloppy, soft, or too light to be useful, and anything in this category is time better spent doing something else. 

And finally, “Time under tension”: 15 Airplane push-up (chin, chest, and hips all "land" at the same time, and also lift at the same time... ) 15 Dowel partial pull-over 1 minute 1-arm plank hold (left) 1 minute 1-arm plank hold (right) 15 calorie Airdyne cool-down 1-arm plank hold, unsurprisingly, occurs in the same position as a 2-arm plank, and also a push-up. Stabilize one arm on the other at whatever height is needed to make that happen; The point isn't simply propping ourselves on one arm, any way, any how, in order to complete the designated duration.


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