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Kettlebell “Power swing”/ Kettlebell swing:

10 x 10

Power governs variation; When the added violence of the lighter, more vicious "Power swing” softens, move up in weight, keep same details, and focus less on the “drag down”.

Self-awareness is the name of the game here: Know what power you have, when it starts to lessen, and how to apply what you have left when it does. Today: Perform 5 plyometric push-up immediately following each set of kettlebell swing. Even if full-range push-up with a “pop at the top” doesn’t work from the ground, prop up onto a stair, bench, box, etc. and keep the pop. The point today is the power push!


Kettlebell front squat:

5 x 5L, 5R @ no more than 1⁄4 BW

Single kettlebell in front rack: Fist on face, elbow in tight, wrist straight and strong. Brace before you drop, and make the weight heavy. If this “doesn’t feel like enough”, question the participant, not the process.

And then, skill work:

5 minutes kettlebell Figure-8

Hinge, not a squat, back flat, not round, and knuckles-to-knuckles transitions from hand to hand (overhand to overhand). Once position is crisp and sound, add velocity and larger circles.

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