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Tipped-forward mace squat:

6 x 3L, 3R @ lighter (L = bottom hand left. R = bottom hand right)

In this variation, the mace is held vertically- weight at the top- and then tipped slightly-but-challengingly forward. If done properly, full and total “Tip-to-tail” bracing and tension will be necessary in each rep; If they are not, tip the mace forward until they are.

Mace squat:

6 x 9 @ heavier (adjust top-to-bottom hand in each set)

Mace held vertically, and features same set-up, bracing, tension, and range of motion as a bar or kettlebell.

Mace static curl:

6 x 3L, 3R @ scaled-to-ability, hands medium-to-narrow

Back of the hand begins and ends every rep next to (not in front of) the thigh/ hip. Hunt for a true top position close to the body with wrist straight, and angle bottom hand as desired to elicit varied (and valuable) response.

Then, 6 rounds of:

9 Airplane push-up (or 6 “Floating” push-up: 1 push + 6 side-to-side hover = 1)

6L, 6R mace Abmat sit-up (or 12 true “Prison” Abmat sit-up)

30 Mace front pendulum @ scaled-to-ability for 30 strong reps

Airplane push-up simply begins and ends with chest on the ground, or touching any scaled surface needed. No other mechanics change when push-up is propped up.

Mace Abmat sit-up: Mace is held horizontally (parallel with the floor). L = Weight on the left side, R = Weight on the right side

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