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(Specialty warm-up: 5 suitcase deadlift- ensure a hinge-, 5 V-up, 5 rocking chair) Kettlebell suitcase deadlift: 1 x 6 @ 60% of deadlift 2RM 6 x 3 @ as heavy as possible in each set, each with a *minimum* 1/1000 hard stop/ rebrace at the top Rest as needed between sets. Remember that even though the middle of the path is clear, suitcase-style lifts- unless designated otherwise- are the same hinge as a conventional deadlift. If suitable weight is not available, get creative and make what you have work. Dumbbells, multiple kettlebells in each hand, rope attached to kettlebells, weight vest, deficit set-up, 5/1000 pause at the top of each rep, 10 steps Farmer carry at the top of each lift… Then, 3 minutes of: Stacked-hand kettlebell swing @ 55lb. W, 70lb. M (vertical or canted- whichever makes for better, straighter arm position) Accumulate as many quality reps as possible, and utilize short, specific rest (3 breaths or less) only as needed. Change dominant hand as desired, using seamless, organized hand-to-hand switches. If mechanics fail or position softens, immediately adjust one interval down and continue safely. 1 minute rest, then 12 rounds of: 3 Burpee 6 Lunge Time your work. Focus on efficient, high-paced movement and specific breathing. This is a sprint, not a jog; Safety considered, there is value to pushing pace, abandoning comfort, and making yourself move in simple conditioning drills.

Even in fatigue, neither burpee nor lunge should ever become a wiggly, flailing mess; Move powerfully and attentively. (Efficiency mitigates fatigue, and assists in focus.) And then, 6 reps of: “Hollow position complex V.2” (1/2 Rocking chair to floor + 3 V-up + 6 Hollow rock + back to standing = 1 rep) Hollow position complex V.2: Goal is completion of each rep without breaking a hard hollow body position; Much of the value (and difficulty) here, is in keeping the brace during the transitions! Today, if needed, rest no more than :20 sec. between each complete rep (not each movement variation). There may be great value to taking something light along for the ride, in the interest of completing as designated, and ensuring positional accuracy; "Closing the circuit" is very often an effective way of ensuring stability and enhancing bracing ability. And finally, "Time under tension":

20 20/1000 "Prison" Abmat sit-up + 5 x :20 sec. hollow hold + 15 calories Airdyne/ equivalent


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