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Public Assistance project: Manifesto

As a continuation of our process of excuse-extermination, we give you The Wolf Brigade ‘Public Assistance project’. _______________

Predicated on our experience that simplicity does not need to separate from specificity, and that when properly aligned, the two can make anyone on earth a stronger and more capable version of themselves, this platform will give any and all with the want and will, access to pieces of our process.

Outdoors, indoors, rain, sand, snow… Needed to complete the assignments are simply strong-handled, gallon-jugs (filled with whatever you choose), resourcefulness, a non-modern attention span, and a desire to improve both physical condition and mental constitution.

A gallon of water weighs 8.4lbs., a gallon of litter, just a bit less

A gallon of sand weighs 14.2lbs.

Held at arms-length away from your body, they weigh nearly triple that.

A roll of duct tape will secure and repair your training tool, and the simple videos in our Movement Library will demonstrate what the training days will feature. Any movements not shown with the project-specific implement are already featured there, and easily searchable by name.

Conventional tools (kettlebell, dumbbell) may be used for this training, of course, but the point is- they don’t have to be.


Now, anyone in the entire world with access to a gallon jug and the understanding that “Nothing is nothing” can be a part of this foundational fold of the Wolf Brigade process; Think of it as a gateway drug that is both safe and positive to become addicted to.

Not to be lost in the shuffle- and no small consideration in its concept and execution- is the ability this gives US to help YOU coordinate with other dissenters and progressivists in your area, along your travel routes, or at out-of-town destinations. The value of such convergences and congregations cannot be overstated, and we strongly encourage you to take ownership of this process and locate accomplices.

There is value to meeting in the rain, in the snow, in the night. There is value to getting your clothes dirty, and planning accordingly to integrate with, and thrive in any environment. Performance of simple-but-thorough tasks in a variety of settings, circumstances, and abnormalities is an art form and challenge of its own, and one that most are unwilling to undertake.

We caution against being the kind that relegates training to the ideal moments, accessories, and climates; If truly driven by what we need, and not simply what we fancy, constant comfort is a considerable liability.


This is not a deluded, opportunistic, “This simple tool (um… that we happen to sell) is the NEW be-all-end-all of fitness” program. Quite the opposite. Anything this “simple” will leave holes in the boat, but will also patch just as many, and most importantly- give a brand-new vessel to many more. It was concepted and constructed for those that are isolated, traveling, new, poor, creative, or simply in search of something different-but-not-gimmick put forth by a group that would never even once- for one minute- present anything that they haven’t used and proven on themselves and others.

Our primary program, and the details that build and fill it, are the best in the world. This, by design, is less involved and less… neurotic, but is in no way unspecific. Without guidelines, accountability, and standards, you will never be any stronger than nature made you and your meager efforts have kept you.

Those that achieve beyond-average strength, conditioning, positioning, composure, and adaptability, almost always earn it by adhering to hard standards and demanding accountability, often when they would prefer not to.


The project will accept and suggest donations, but consider them a contribution, not a hand-out; Participation does not require donation, and even if the scales never balance, the short leg will walk on. We expect nothing, yet appreciate everything.

Training days– each featuring links to our Movement Library and the donation page- will be posted at, four days per week, for three months. At the end of three months, participants will begin the cycle again, using more weight, completing in less time, with more violence, less rest… Harsher elements, better details, less questions… Standardization must be followed with replication in order to prove, improvement; Once, is luck.

This will spread, and donations from those that support it, will fan the flame.

Donations over $25 receive buttons, stickers, a “Project Schematic” (hand-drawn movement diagrams, location suggestions, quotes, phrases… ), and the gratitude of those that don’t ask anyone for anything, and have made our way here by clawing and insisting, not begging and expecting.

We appreciate help more than most, because we give it far more than we receive it.


Let’s fucking go.


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