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Public Assistance project: #019


10 Anchored squat/ hinge transition 10 Halo + extension 10 Squat (with implement) 50 Jumping jacks (touch hips/ legs at bottom, touch hands over head at top) 5 Push-up 5 Straight jump :30 sec. unweighted hinge hold

Warm-up should leave us warm, not tired; Scale accordingly, especially if just beginning training or adjusting to this style training for the first time. Range of motion, details of each movement, and bracing are all to be practiced and applied in warm-up just as they are in the training day; Attention in one leads directly to improvement in the other.

Movements linked to demonstrations in our Movement Library; Watch and refresh- Don’t guess.


10 rounds of:

1 Halo + max-duration extension (hips tucked, arms 100% straight!) 10 Rocking chair (implement held at chest level) :20 sec. rest (used in no more than 5 rounds)

Assess position and possible scaling options prior to beginning. Overhead positioning and midline stability should be improving- a max-duration hold of this sort, coupled with a “Get your ass off the ground” sit-up, is a great time to safely and strategically test them out.