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Public Assistance project: #002


10 Anchored squat/ hinge transition 10 Halo + extension 10 Squat (with implement) 50 Jumping jacks (touch hips/ legs at bottom, touch hands over head at top) 5 Push-up 5 Straight jump :30 sec. unweighted hinge hold

Warm-up should leave us warm, not tired; Scale accordingly, especially if just beginning training or adjusting to this style training for the first time. Range of motion, details of each movement, and bracing are all to be practiced and applied in warm-up just as they are in the training day; Attention in one leads directly to improvement in the other.

Movements linked to demonstrations in our Movement Library; Watch and refresh- Don’t guess.


5 rounds of:

2 Single-arm push-out + hold + pull back- Left 2 Single-arm push-out + hold + pull back- Right :20 sec. plank hold :20 sec. rest/ assessment

Each “push-out” should be as violent and patient as possible; Minimum 3/1000 on the way out, 3/1000 hold, and 3/1000 on the pull back in. Make this as valuable as it is simple by driving harder and holding longer! Or, don’t.

Then, 10 rounds of:

10 Walking lunge (with implement, hold variation scaled to full ability) 5 Straight jump (with implement) 5 Double-arm push-out + hold + pull-back (minimum 5/1000 out, 5/1000 hold, 5/1000 back) 5 breaths rest (no more than :20 sec.)

Demonstrations of today’s movements are found on our YouTube channel; When in doubt, refresh- don’t guess. The highest-level experts still practice details as if they were beginners.

Rest is assigned specified durations because often NOT taking it diminishes quality of work, and taking too much does not place effective demands on our focus and composure; Adhere to the schemes, just as you do the physical reps.

And then:

5 x :20 sec. full-effort hollow hold

Building a bulletproof “power source” will improve all elements of your physicality- and simple, hard, non-gimmick sit-ups and holds are a sure-fire way to do so. Do not make this easy- make it the opposite; It’s the insulation for your hardest efforts. Each day will end with varied durations of hollow hold, and the cool-down is a minimum of 25 cat/ cow stretch and 100 yd. brisk walk/ exercise bike ride/ etc.


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