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01:01-Expectation/ Demonstration

Our “Daily warm-up” contains and requires something from each primary movement pattern, and applying them in this order and structure each day allows for constant practice and refinement of our most important positions. Please de-prioritize the weights listed, and over-prioritize the positions and details demonstrated.

**All you are responsible for in Phase #01 is the positionally accurate demonstration of each movement in our "Daily warm-up" list, in order and at designated rep scheme, and the subsequent communication, adjustments, and improvements orchestrated by our Directors.**

Phase #01 video demonstration and interaction is the proof- and the glue- that holds all of our other training offerings together.

We learn, practice, and improve- We don't just, simply, DO. You will never hear a good martial arts instructor or legitimate coach simply say "Well, just grab the arm/ weight/ weapon and twist it around, you know... ".

The Devil (and the difference), in all forms of important movement, is in the Details. ______

Please film and upload to YouTube one round of our “Daily warm-up”, performed patiently, specifically, and to the best of your current ability; Each element listed is demonstrated in either our