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(Specialty warm-up: 5L, 5R kettlebell back squat, 10 dowel partial pull-over into accurate back rack, 3L, 3R kettlebell push press) Back squat: Climb to a 2RM using warm-up sets of no more than 5 reps (starting at no more than 60%) before adjusting weight. Rest as needed, and keep total number of post-warm-up lifts under 20 (Ex. 5, 5, 3, 2, 2… ). Note: Achieving a 2RM is not done at all cost of mechanics, form, range of motion, or composure. Unless there’s money on the line, position, execution and range of motion always govern weight; "Locked-out", whether it be standing up straight, or fully overhead, are non-negotiable positions. Additionally: 1 = 1. 2, not surprisingly, = 2. Consideration must be- on occasion- given, but for all but the fewest of our populations that present a very sound reason, there is hard strategy and good sense behind 2RM vs. 1RM; Adhere to it. Please and thank you. Then: Kettlebell push press: Climb to a 1RM (straight and stopped at the top) using warm-up sets of no more than 2 reps (each side) before adjusting weight. Rest as needed, and keep total number of lifts under 12 (Ex. 2L + 2R x 2, 1L + 1R as needed). Safety considered, goal should be matching weight on each side. "Locked-out", and "straight" are non-negotiable positions; If in doubt, stop and hold hard in position, and remove any shadow of it. And then, 5 aggressive minutes of: 5 Push-up 50 Jumprope/ Burpee failure drill Each time we miss during the 50 reps due to form or fatigue, immediately perform 2 burpee and then resume work. Question: Would we rather hustle and push the pace while jumping rope and risk performing some burpees, or take the safe, slow route in an attempt to avoid them? Answering a question with a question: Are we here to truly improve mental and physical conditioning, or perform casual, low-intensity pseudo-aerobics? And finally, “Time under tension”: 25 Tipped-forward hammer/ mace squat @ (up to) 8kg. W, 10kg. M (cool-down/ positional reinforcement... better, not faster... ) 50 Lunge (stationary) @ cool-down pace w/ 15lb. W, 25 lb. M bumper 3 x :30 sec. hollow hold + 15 10/1000 cat/ cow stretch (slow, thorough... )

Lunge: Pace is cool-down, position is detailed and progress-oriented. Knee tracks the foot, heel is firmly planted, and stepping forward does not mean leaning forward; chest stays broad and shoulders drive back. Brace before you drop in each rep, just as if weighted. Develop good habits by practicing sound strategy.


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