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(Specialty warm-up: 3L, 3R kettlebell press, 20 mace front pendulum, 10 medicine ball throw) 50/ 50 Kettlebell press: 2 x 1L, 1R @ fact-finding, accurate 5 x 2L, 2R @ as heavy as possible in each 1 x 5L, 5R @ 50% of heaviest above, each with a hard, stopped, 2/1000 overhead Alternating arms as directed, keep kettlebells in-hand for L-to-R set, and then rest/ adjust weight as needed. When scheme is listed as “5 x 2L, 2R″, it always refers to “Sets” x “Reps”. Reminder: Position and range of motion always govern weight, and overhead/ “locked-out” is not a relative position. 50/50 press features a double kettlebell rack position but a single-arm strict press. Kettlebell on the “non-working” side assists in keeping tension, and can help us fact-check position. Position considered, weights should match on both sides. Today: Perform 2L, 2R Mace front press (or kettlebell floor press if needed- please review details) immediately following each set of kettlebell press, and rest as needed when both lifts are complete. Then: Turkish Get-up: 5 x 1L, 1R @ (up to) 70% of 1RM Move steadily and specifically; Rest no more than :20 sec. between arms/ sets. Facts- not your feelings- govern Turkish Get-up weight today. If arm or wrist are bent, wiggling like a flag in the fuckin' wind, or your body needs to contort to move chosen weight, please choose again.

Add a 2/1000 pause to any transition point that you are struggling with; If we are skipping steps, making a technical error, or trying to hurry through a portion of the movement we are weak at, the 2/1000 will catch it and force an adjustment.

Reminder: On days such as this (combining complementary movements, challenging weights, and sharp strategy into more-thorough, less corrosive training days), the better/ more thoroughly/ more accurately we perform part one, the harder it will be to reach (up to) percentages in subsequent parts. That is one of the ways we balance the "experience scales"; Today, the more weight people overhead and front press, the more trouble they will have in the Turkish Get-up. Conversely, those pressing lighter will have more "left in the tank", and will likely struggle less with top-end percentage in the Turkish Get-up.

Primary is meant to build, and secondary is meant to insulate; We need both- but if nothing is built, it doesn't require insulation. Always prioritize the primary.

And remember that percentages are sound guidelines, and valuable strategy assistants, but- effort considered- never worthwhile points of self-judgement.

And then: 100 Mace 360 @ 8/ 10kg. W, 10/ 12kg. M 100 Medicine ball throw/ "Tall slam ball" @ 8/ 10lb. W, 12lb. M Brief rest as needed, or as position dictates during mace swings. If a safe, functional mace 360 is not yet in your toolbox (or is not yet heavy enough to be useful) adjust to mace front pendulum, with absolutely no trips to the ground. If a stop is needed, the weight is kept in-hand/ off the ground.

Mace: Be sure to switch top-to-bottom hand, and left-to-right direction evenly; It is important (and if it wasn't, we wouldn't require it... ).

Anti-rest, and full violence of action in either medicine ball throw variation.

“Tall slam ball”: Different timing and coordination, same concept and execution; All positional features of standard squat/ slam ball apply. Today we will simply use standard-diameter medicine balls, and catch above parallel. Certainly not easier, just slightly different.

And finally, “Time under tension”: 15 Kettlebell Good Morning @ self-scaled (3 x 5, or 10 + 5) + 50 Hand-to-hand kettlebell swing @ 25/ 35lb. W, 35/ 45lb. M + 15-calorie Airdyne sprint (timed and noted ) + 15 calories Airdyne @ 40-50% of max RPM above (stay on bike) Kettlebell swing: If designated weight is not a cool-down weight, adjust accordingly.


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