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(Specialty warm-up: 20 mace front pendulum)

Dynamic overhead positioning diagnostic:

Partial pull-up w/ hands narrow (inside shoulder width) Partial chin-up w/ hands wider (at shoulder width- ceiling-to-floor straight line)

50/50 grip pull-up (each side- outside shoulder width) Kettlebell halo + extension (2/1000 overhead, weight touches upper back, each rep)

Short, positionally aware sets (no more than 3 x 3-5 reps of each), with each pull starting from a true dead hang (head neutral, braced midline, wiggle-free spine). Use to identify strong and weak points moving into the mace lifts, and also to "grease the groove" and open up all necessary positions. This should not be a volume drill, in any way. Spend 5-10 minutes, move well, learn something. Breeze through this casually, and you will have simply... breezed through this, casually.

Pull-up/ chin-up: Demand hollow body/ braced neutral position while hanging from the bar, just as we will need to apply on the floor in order to safely swing any progressive weight mace.

Trainers: Identify which of those two someone needs more of, and direct accordingly. Ideal position is when strength, power, and stability are in-line and working together. If you hunt for it, there will be a body position at the bottom of a true dead-hang in which you feel "lighter", and many in which you will feel heavier. It's real, and slightly different for everyone. It's most-similar to the "moment of clarity" in a power movement.

Kettlebell halo + extension: Extension is in the arms, not in the spine; hips tucked, spine straight, chest broad.


Mace 360/ 10-2/ 1-arm 360:

1 x 10 @ fact-finding/ diagnostic 1 x 20 @ challenging, violent

5 x 10 @ challenging, sustainable, violent

Change variation and adjust weight as desired by set OR round; The ability to switch top-to-bottom, and direct both left and right with each during a round is a very valuable skill.

Unless mace 360 does not work safely and cannot be made to do so, all participants apply it.

If it does not: Figure out why, and temporarily apply kettlebell halo in its place.

Reminder: "A" comes before "B", and "E", before "F"; If the two arm, left-and-right, each direction proficient in each top-to-bottom hand position mace 360 does not yet work seamlessly, adding a single-arm variation or any other sort of adaptation is unnecessary, and a bit silly. Thank you.

And then, 5 rounds of:

20 Tire smash @ 6/ 8lbs. W, 10/12lb. M (any variation– switch between them as desired)

10 Squat w/ hammer or mace

10 Push-up