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(Specialty warm-up: 5 Kettlebell high pull + Goblet catch, 5 rocking chair, jumping pull-up review) Kettlebell high pull + Goblet catch: 10 x 3 @ as heavy as possible in each Focus in this movement variation is a powerful, dynamic kettlebell high pull transitioning into an organized and aggressive “catch” in the standard Goblet position (hands on side of handles, forearms driven into sides of kettlebell). Today, hold each rep for an organized, stopped 3/1000, quickly re-position hands, and re-trace steps to the ground. There is no "hinge" in the up- or- down of a kettlebell high pull. Adjust weight by round as position and execution dictate. Always strive for ownership and full control of any lift, implement, or movement; Not simply the obligatory completion of it. Aspire to the highest bar, and before long, you won't feel comfortable moving below it. Thank you. Then: Benchmark “Duende“ 7:48 (Catharsis– “Passion”) 6 Rocking chair 6 Strict or kicking* pull-up (Or 9 jumping pull-up) 6 Straight jump Complete as many rounds and partials as possible in 7:48, and note results. Keep a violent pace and laser-focus; Benchmark is not supposed to be easy or casual. Both rocking chair and straight jump may be weighted with bumper plate (10lb. W, 15lb. M) if it improves position. *"Kicking" is different than "kipping". 'Kicking' is straight-up and straight-down, organized and powerfully, much like swimming hard to the top of the water.

'Kipping' is a giant, most-often disorganized open/ close that relies so much on momentum that it can no longer be considered a pull-up. No adaptation variation should be used until at least 5 organized dead-hang pull-ups are in your toolbox; Well-performed, effortful jumping pull-up and partner-assisted pull-up are the variations we choose and use to build and groom people into the full, unassisted version. Thank you. And then: Sprint of 1/4 bodyweight in calories on Airdyne/ equivalent 1/4 bodyweight: Exactly 25% of what your body currently weighs. Check, don’t guess. You will always guess low. Indulge any transitional impulses/ needs you have (arms only, arms + legs, legs only, underhand grip… ) except the one telling you to stop. If you stop: Exit the bike, next person starts, you re-start from the beginning, no matter where you were in the process. Mind your mind, complete your task; Finishing spent is far better than starting twice. While waiting for a bike, and :60 sec. after completion of calories until all others are finished: Accumulate sets of 10 "Prison" walking lunge + 5 push-up + 5/1000 reset Move steadily and specifically; Keep rest to designated duration, and mind mechanics, even in fatigue. Push-up: If mechanics or range of motion fail, scale accordingly to ensure both progress and safety; Leave the ego out of the equation- excellent, scaled push-ups are far better than crappy, broken “unscaled” ones. **If training alone, perform 5 sets of the movements listed above before the sprint, and 5 after. Thank you. And finally, "Time under tension": 3 x :30 sec. full-effort, positionally vigilant hollow rock + 5 x :15 sec. full-effort hollow hold + 15 calories Airdyne/ equivalent @ cool-down pace 15 cat/ cow stretch


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