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(Specialty warm-up: 10 hang power clean @ 65lb. W, 75lb. M, 5 double kettlebell swing clean, 5 box jump, 5 box jump with implement) Hang power clean/ Double kettlebell swing clean: 7 x 5 @ scheme-appropriate weight Rest as needed between sets. Today focuses on position, execution, fluidity; Pace and weight are to follow, not lead. Take time, make positional adjustments as needed, and adjust weight accordingly. When scheme is listed as “7 x 5″, it always refers to “Sets” x “Reps”. If organized front rack position and/ or order-of-operations is unsafe or unsustainable, then the clear choice today is the double kettlebell swing clean. Please remember: Each set of the barbell lift (but not every rep) begins with a full deadlift to standing, and then the tall, tight descent into the "hang" position (just above knees).

It is NOT: Floor - stop at knees - lift. It IS: Floor - stop at standing - brace and descend - lift. Then, 10 rounds of: 5 Box jump @ (up to) 35lb. W, 45lb. M (use bumper plate) 5 Chin-up OR 3/1000 underhand bodyweight row (adjust between them as needed/ desired/ strategized) 5 5/1000 Push-up :20 sec. rest/ reset Box jump height and weight, and push-up variation, are scaled to ability today. Make ambitious choices, and demand excellent position and execution; "Enthusiasm tempered with reality".

Reminder: 3/1000 at top of bodyweight row is not a suggestion, and is not to be 2/1000; The hold is added both to improve strength and to allow the row to more closely resemble the demands of the chin-up. Each push-up rep should take a minimum of 5/1000 to complete. If that is still old news, advanced push-up suggestions include: Dynamic push-up, ring push-up, Hindu push-up. And then: 50 Medicine ball throw @ (minimum) 10lb. W, 12lb. M 1 minute rest 50 "Tall slam ball" @ same Any soft, slow, or disorganized throw is rejected and repeated; There is no value to lackadaisical, un-powerful power movements. Hurt the wall, hurt the ball, empty the tank. "Floor to extremity" power generation: Only differences between these two variations are footwork, and direction of force. Order of operations, timing, violence of action: Same. And finally, “Time under tension”: Plank hold (Organized top of push-up- today, weighted or unweighted) + 15 calorie Airdyne @ cool-down pace