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(Specialty warm-up: 5L, 5R mace shovel, 20 mace front pendulum) 20 Mace shovel (2 x 5L, 5R) @ as heavy as possible, each with a full, stopped 10/1000 overhead 100 Mace front pendulum @ (minimum) 10kg. W, 12kg. M Both movements, scaled to full ability, and performed with appropriate severity. No lazy lifts, holds, or swings. Then, 10 minutes of: 10 Mace 360 10 Mace squat (begin at end of 10th 360- this may occur in a non-casual Sumo position if earned/ desired) :20 sec. extended-arm mace hold (begins at top of 10th squat) :10 sec. rest/ assessment (if adjusting weight or strategy, do so quickly) Have a primary and a back-up plan; Goal is as many high-quality, powerful reps as possible using the same mace, kept in-hand, for each round. Adjust weight by round as position demands. This is not a timed free-for-all. A descending clock simply insists we strategize transitions, recovery, and pace in order to meet a goal- While never compromising position or prioritizing weight; "Heavy" is another day, and lazy is... another place. And then, “Time under tension”: 25 Kettlebell Good Morning (self-scaled based on training week) + 15 High-anchored hinge @ 1/4 BW (same as our warm-up, just likely a little heavier) 50 1-arm/ Hand-to-hand kettlebell swing @ 35lb. W, 55lb. M (5 x 5L, 5R) + 15 cat/ cow stretch Kettlebell swing: If designated weight is not a cool-down weight, adjust accordingly.

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