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Mace front press:

5 x 2L, 2R @ angle #1 (heaviest/ most stable)

5 x 2L, 2R @ angle #2 (medium/ semi-stable)

5 x 2L, 2R @ angle #3 (lightest/ least stable)

This a forward press, standing, and is useful in all angles, ticks on the clock, and heights; Apply all the same stability components and details as the overhead mace press.

In this case, and with mace presses in general, narrower hands equate to “more” weight; Scale in this manner if using just one tool today.

Today: Perform 2 plyometric push-up immediately following each set of front press, and then take brief rest. If plyometric push-up (pop off the ground at the top) is not yet in your toolbox, today, prop them up on something safe (bench, couch, steps), still perform with power, and release contact at top.

Then, with mace in pressing angle #1:

Level change:

5 x 5L, 5R @ scaled to ability/ corresponding to scheme

Switch top arms every 5 reps as directed, and adjust level change variation in 10-rep intervals as desired.

Options are: Lunge, squat, Elevator sit-up, rocking chair, hip-up

Assess your week, and what you need, and apply accordingly.

And then, attentively, 5 rounds of:

20 Mace back pendulum

10 Back pendulum stretch (hands behind head to arms “straight” and back)

200 Jumprope

20 Hollow rock

:20 sec. rest

Back pendulum reps count when handle is parallel (or above parallel) with the floor. If back pendulum does not yet work safely, switch to front pendulum in same scheme. Lock into the floor, neutralize spinal position, and then swing.

Pendulum stretch: Arms will not go 100% straight, due to holding a vertical handle. Push them as straight as you possibly can while maintaining a braced and neutral body position. This is a mace version of the kettlebell halo + extension.


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