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Seated kettlebell press:

9 x 3L, 3R @ no more than 1⁄4 BW, each with a full, stopped, controlled 3/1000 @ top

For many/ most, hold will govern weight. Arm straight- wrist straight; Or adjust yourself. Rest up to :15 sec. between sets.

Then, 9 rounds of:

3 3/1000 Push-up (full, violent 3/1000 @ top and bottom) 6 Kettlebell halo + 3/1000 extension 6 “Surf burpee” (floor to offset, organized fighting stance) (Up to) :30 sec. rest- take what you earn

And then, 6 minutes of:

Jumprope/ burpee failure drill

Each and every miss: 3 Burpee, completed immediately, and then return to work. Stay light and relaxed, but also aggressive and attentive. Or- stress out, get clunky, and do a shitload of burpees; Doesn’t matter to us.


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