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7 rounds of:

7 Mace shovel + 3 overhead press + 3/1000 overhead in each (Left)

7 Mace shovel + 3 overhead press + 3/1000 overhead in each (Right)

:30 sec. rest/ assessment

Press begins at top of 7th shovel. Weight is self-scaled and challenging, and may adjust by round as needed/ desired. Hand with should be medium-to-narrow.

Then, 5 rounds of:

5 Mace shovel + 20 yd. walk (Left)

5 Mace shovel + 20 yd. walk (Right)

30 Mace front pendulum

5 “Panic” push-up + 5/1000 @ top, 5/1000 @ bottom of each rep

:15 sec. rest/ assessment

Lock both arms hard and high before starting the walk; Narrow hands as needed/ desired to add difficulty. 5/1000 is 5/1000… scale the movement, don’t skirt the strategy.

Today: If this is a primary program (I.E. Not an add-on/ accessory to another lifting program or same-day martial arts), lunge may replace walk as desired.

And then, 5 rounds of:

10 “Depth Charges”

:20 sec. rest

“Depth Charge”: With hands locked and braced in either the true “Prison” position, or overlapped and pressed hard at mid-chest, perform 10 double-under-minus-the-rope jumps (high, hard, straight legs, tight guts, no heels touch the ground) + 1 burpee on the descent of the 10th, and then take brief rest; 10 + 1 = 1.


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